Our Mission

Our Mission

SANKALP-Sunil Nagrath Generosity Organisation is an initiative taken in the memory of Late Sh. Sunil Nagrath (1959-2014). With its area of operation in Chandigarh (U.T.) and Punjab. SANKALP works to help the mankind in various aspects of life.

The objects of the society shall be:

  • To provide help - social, financial and emotional - to our fellow citizens in need of such help.
  • To adopt a number of children every year and help them in the field of their education.
  • To organize Blood Donation Camps.
  • To organize social and cultural functions for spreading awareness of importance of service of humanity.
  • To provide free medicines to poor patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • To publish magazines/periodicals/ pamphlets etc for advancements of social causes.
  • To undertake any activity / activities which will help to improve the living environment and life of deprived.


  1. SANKALP NGO conducts "Sunil Memorial Educational Scheme". Under this scheme, SANKALP arrange expenses for education of 5 financially weaker but intelligent students from different schools. The education expenses include admission fees and monthly fees for a year. Medical help includes medical checkups and emergency care, if any. Other than this, SANKALP focuses on making their lives better by all means.
  2. SANKALP holds Blood Donation Camp every 6 months. The first Blood Donation Camp was organised on 28 December 2014.
  3. The biggest project of SANKALP NGO is Sankalp Shiksha Kendra. Located at Kansal, a small village in Punjab, Sankalp Shiksha Kendra offers free education to the children from poor families where they study and learn the basics of life alongwith various vocational training programs and cultural activities. Know more about Sankalp Shiksha Kendra
  4. A Chhabeel is being organized every year on 22nd May.
  5. SANKALP organizes various events in the form of clothes distribution to the poor people, stationary and refreshments to the poor kids, free medicines to the poor chemotherapy patients etc. SANKALP is determined to serve the humanity in every possible way.
  6. A Bhandara is being organized every year on 7th April.